Customers want, cities do not want it. It's a bit like Napster of the time, people wanted to use the free Internet, governments simply do not want to protect the industry. Is it happens the same with Uber? Still, it seems a fair and safe service.

My choice

If I have the choice between a taxi with a stranger, who probably has difficulty speaking the local language, believe my experience and Uber driver I choose on my smartphone. I think the choice is simple, I choose safety Uber driver without knowing him personally, I have a witness who proves that I have used his services.


Anti-Uber often go out the safety card, Uber drivers have not been trained, chosen by the city. If cities really wanted to choose the taxi drivers, they certainly would choose drivers who speak my language, sorry when I go to Montreal, I do not speak Russian or when I'm in the beautiful city of Quebec, I do not speak not Arabic. Of course, they try to talk to me in English because I do not understand their French. With Uber I can choose a driver who speaks Russian or Arabic, but I will definitely choose a driver who speaks my language.

My little experiment

Here's a little experiment I had it a few years ago in Montreal with a taxi driver accredited by the city of Montreal. We are by subway gone at the Olympic stadium of the restaurant, a wedding. To go back, I missed the subway, it was too late, a few beers under his belt. So I raised my hand, like in New York for a taxi, a taxi driver immediately switches to red light for his client. 'Good evening' with a Creole accent. I explain that I want to go to the hotel. I feel the beer, I'm not from the place, I sleep at the hotel, the perfect client. A taxi costs about $ 15, I asked him to pay with my credit card because I do not have enough cash on me. He takes my credit card, goes into its portable machine wireless, I'm impressed, it is Hitech. He answers, it does not work, there is no signal, it moves the taxi 50 meters but still struggle to have the signal. In fact, there was the signal, only a poor tourist who was impersonating her credit card several times. Finally by a happy coincidence, I meet my friends who was at the wedding, I ask them to pay $ 20 for a taxi. So I paid the thief with real $ 20 and three times on my credit card. The total is $ 80 for a $ 15 race. That will teach me to the tip. If Uber had existed at that time, I would have had to pay only $ 15 directly debited from my credit card without tip, I would not have had to fight for weeks with Visa and end up paying anyway since I did not have receipts ???

Professional driver

What is a professional driver? I think a professional driver, it is a Nascar driver or a formula one driver. A taxi driver who does not know or does not respect the Highway Code is not a professional driver. Perhaps a professional driver is one that offers a license exorbitant to the city? I drove every day, I am more than 20 000 km per year, am I a professional driver. I believe that if your country gives you the privilege and the right to drive a vehicle, you are certainly able to drive a stranger too. It was in the papers, there is not long to Montreal to declutter bridges in Montreal, we had to have at least one passenger to access a lane on the bridge. Car-paid, this is a bit Uber.

I wrote in another article, The king is dead, long live Uber! how taxi drivers of big city have paid for a work permit for $ 200,00.00, wow !!! We understand better why cities want to eliminate Uber.

Customer first

What is important in the end? The Customer Review or city. Now I think it's the needs of the city in the first half mast and we with security stories to please the consumer.



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