I will fight for my whell

My 10 year old son has just learned that he will never drive a car in his life. If you believe an article we read all that says that in 5 years the cars will be driven by a computer. The "Google Car" has created a lively debate at home on the future of humanity. What pleasure will we live in a society where everything is automated, we are fast becoming cows to be milked must go through a series of doors that decides if the cow should eat, drink, or go to milked?

At first all seems perfect, a car that drove all alone, so with a horraire on the internet for the whole family, it is therefore possible that the smart car can carry me to go to work, go bear children at school and my son to go to his hockey game without me. But where it goes! If one starts to think about it deeply, it's scary.

When I was little we dreamed in 2000, flying cars, robots, need to work. Well it's just a car that drives itself when the entire system will be transferred, we will no longer need to sign, need light to indicate when you can continue to the intersection since cars will talk together, maybe the car "A" will warn the cars in the area in a few seconds a pedestrian cross the XY coordinate.

The technology certainly going faster than our imagination, we dreamed robots who would work for us, I believe that with the advent of self-driven cars, a robot that works for us is the natural next steps. Why not strap bluetooth gender on each person, this will help the robots to identify us and help us better.

No need to go grocery shopping, robots or automated run it for us, no need to cook. Now that we no longer cook, this will be a huge energy economy. & Nbsp; No more big house, no kitchen, no need to store food. Even the grocery store will be changed, because humans do not need to go, then grocery stores that we know will become automated warehouses.

No need for police service because we have a bracelet that will neutralize us if needed.

Are we fast becoming in a vegetative state because we love technology, my little guy of 10, who plays the online more than it plays out, will fight for us, waiting for too long for the wheel, because it plays to violating games. My son will perhaps become an Arnold Schwarzenegger, and fight against the Terminator, or Wall-e will do it for us. It's the end of the world, children have just created a scenario based on the idea that cars will be driven by a computer in a near futur. At the end, which is important to have these the wheel.

Here are the items that my son and I read and that made us react.



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