Think of a wood stove, which does not overheat, which heats your house for 12 to 15 hours at temperatures of -30 Celsius, without reloading the combustion chamber, cannot you say? See my experience by yourself. And I have cushioned the price in 4 months heating.

I live in a remote area, the limits of the tree line, that is to say just before the tundra. So I'm going south for a hockey tournament my boy, for that in the south, why not does our shopping. I came to the idea to buy a pellet stove, I knew it was more expensive, but I wanted something good to lower the exorbitant price of oil to heat my house during the cold season, here I talks about arctic cold. A pellet stove was much better than a wood stove because I am not at home during the day and even though I am not in the house, I have to keep the house has minimal heat to the pipes does not freeze. Even with a high price from $ 5 to $ 6 per granule day I was saving on heating bills and I was earning more comfort.

The high price for a pellet Stove

I did not have much time to make my choice on the stove because my son had to be at the arena, the reason for our visit. I start at the store 'King of heating', well it's a store that sells pellet stoves and a few wood stove and also who like daycare, I guess they do not sell a lot of stove for a daycare even the store. Whatever I do not ask for help because the vendors are busy with children, I look at the prices, the prices are at the limit of my budget. The models I want are too expensive. I begin to think I'll keep my oil heating.

The explanation

I go to another store stove, I left my son arena an hour before the game, which gave me some time to shopped a stove, it's Saturday afternoon and Sunday stores will closed. I look stoves, a seller just help me with the characteristics of a pellet stove, still the same problem, the stoves are very expensive. So I get to concentrate on a stove 'made in china'. The seller did not quite agree with my choice and use that I would do, but for me this seller seemed to have no experience in the use of stoves. I tell her about my budget, he explains that the pellet stove low-end, cause me serious problems long term. So why do I have problems, it is actually a screw that rotates to power a small flame. Then he begins to explain that in fact there is more component, two or three engines, electrical panel board and all electronics and that is the big problem he said, electronics, you might be a hacker, electronics is a bit more complicated. Then he offers me a wood stove, I say no right away, he insists, the wood stove heat until just now fifteen good heat hour. I look at the ads on the stove that dissent the same things as the seller. I start asking him if there are electronic components to control the fire or some conch thermostat. He told me that of course it has it all. I make a face, a surprise, a lie.

The thermostat

That's when the owner interrupts. No, there are no electronics on the Blaze King Princess model. There is a thermostat, this thermostat makes my brain work, what it may well serve, certainly to increase or decrease the intensity of the fan. The owner begins to explain the operation, just need to thinking about it. The stove is airtight, the only place where the air slightly penetrate to fuel the fire is the entrance of air, a pipe connected behind the stove and takes in fresh air from outside. I begin to understand the thermostat, the thermostat acts on the entrance of air, mechanically it will close or open the flow of air entering the stove to feed the fire. He explains the old stove, we had to fill in the 2 to 3 hours because he burned everything in a short time, and it was very hot in the house during this period of prescribed fire. With the Blaze King, the thermostat closes the air flow up to fire waiting, no flame, even embers seems off. So it never gets too hot in the house, and the wood burned as needed. It is thanks to the stove mechanical thermostat little burn a full load of wood 12 to 15 hours. So a big saving on the wood.

The Catalyst

In addition the new stoves as Blaze King has a catalyst, that is to say that there is a second combustion chamber in addition to the wood burns, we smoke that burns too. The catalyst I call the turbo, because you snap when the stove temperature is hot enough to activate the catalyst gives a lot of heat, if indeed there as the hot ember, the catalyst it has only give a lot of heat, the thermostat may also lower the airflow because the need is smaller. Then the owner has really convinced that I needed a wood stove, not a pellet stove. I returned to the hockey game of my son and I returned immediately before the closing to buy the Blaze King.

The easy installation

The installation is done very easily. I followed the directions in the manual, good distances to respect, even though I greatly exceed the standards of construction. I have had no problems for inspection by the inspector of the city, is the fireplace that is most important.

The amortized

I installed my Blaze King just before Christmas and I can say, even if the winter is not over I amortized in season three quarter the price of my wood stove. The oil is so expensive and unpredictable prices which allowed me to depreciate so quickly. Currently I heat my house for free. In the north, we can go and cut our wood for free, you have to have a permit. Since vegetation has difficulty to push the trees have a mean circumference of 15 to 20 cm.

Just food heat

My advice is stove everyone, even those who dissent a wood stove is bastard. A wood stove is clean, but rather how we move timber from point A to point B that plateau problem, just the same with the pellet pocket. It is environmentally responsible to have a wood stove. Finally, the only negative of this stove is that it does not always produce a flame, not very romantic, because it has not needed since it does not burn a lot of wood, this stove becomes so commonplace a few heat since no action is required for hours and hours

Eric Duhamel
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